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Client Focused Legal, Regulatory and Legislative 



We understand the law because in many cases,  we wrote it. With over 20 years of experience at the highest levels of government, we offer full service legislative, regulatory and legal solutions to achieve results for you or your business. From legislative drafting and amendments, to regulatory fixes, procurement issues, bonding and appropriations  challenges, we are positioned to represent clients across a wide range of practice areas. 


We are focused on a range of issues, including:

  • Labor and Employment 

  • Construction and Infrastructure

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Gaming

  • Health care

  • IT

  • Intellectual property 

  • Trade

  • Conservation and fisheries 


We know how to make government work because we have done it, from chairing committees in the Maryland Senate, work in Congress and the White House, and passage of dozens of new laws. We've passed new manufacturing incentives, apprenticeship programs, the Electric Vehicle program, Security Clearance Tax Credit, and advanced years of technical regulatory reforms. 



(888) 422-0131

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